Warehouse LED Lighting Retrofit in Toronto

Electrical Contractor specializing in warehouse LED Lighting Retrofit in Toronto

High-bay LED lighting saves up to 60 percent of warehouse lighting energy

Warehouse LED retrofit often includes replacing fluorescent and 100W - 600W metal halide and high pressure sodium luminaires with high bay LED light fixtures

In most cases the work consists of removing the content from existing light fixtures and replacing it with brand new high quality electronic driver (transformer) and the LED light producing component. Body or casing of the original fixture remains intact. We just wash it and leave it clean

Replacing the glass or plastic protective screen is the only option where damaged and burnt lens or diffuser became yellow, cloudy, foggy, hazy or

If the working area wasn't bright enough before, the installation of new solid-state LEDs allows to double or even triple the light levels

The integration of timers and motion sensors into the lighting system delivers substantial additional energy savings cutting as much as 80 percent off your lighting bill

Moreover, the sufficient, convenient and pleasant lighting maximizes worker productivity, safety and the overall business performance

LED lighting is ideal for all kinds of warehouse businesses:

plant & factory LED
metal and repair workshop
hangar and maintenance depot
store & retail warehouse in Toronto
LED lighting for production warehouses
packaging, processing & industrial warehouse
LED lighting for storage & cold storage warehouse