Parking Lot LED lighting retrofit in Toronto

Parking Lot LED Retrofit Electrical Contractor in Toronto

The eco-friendly, reliable
safe, durable, mercury-free
money saving, energy-efficient
Parking lot LED lighting upgrade

Cut lighting bills and cost of parking
lot lighting maintenance by 70% or more

For a business owner who is considering a parking lot LED retrofit in Toronto, the decision would be a wise one

The electrical consumption would be significantly reduced by switching from a typical 400 watt Metal Halide lamp to a 93 watt LED

The retrofit procedure is quite simple. And benefits extend far beyond the amount of energy and money saved

LED lighting, compared to HID lighting reduces the consumption of power for a parking lot. It also provides a light source that lasts
2 ½ times longer resulting in lower maintenance costs by less frequent re-lamping. Lamps can be changed every five years rather than every two. Combined with a drastically lowered maintenance bill, the overall lighting expense will be cut by up to 80 percent

The perception of the light by people using the parking lot is increased due to improved light color. Surrounding wall fixtures, canopy and other outdoor lights may also be retrofitted at the same time, to produce an overall consistent appearance

To gain the LED advantage retain the services of the PRO who is experienced in the application of all the latest technology and most efficient products available

Electrical Contractor in Toronto has been saving lots of money for hundreds of customers with ultra efficient, quality LED retrofitting services for six years

We not only handle parking lots but also warehouses, offices, retail stores, parking garages and everything else that could benefit from this state of the art lighting

To receive the benefits of advance lighting technology call the professionals today

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