Parkade & Underground parking LED lighting retrofit in Toronto

New LED lighting installation in underground
garages and LED retrofits in Toronto parkades

  There are more than a thousand of covered parking properties
  underground garages and parkades in the Greater Toronto Area

But only around 110 are now equipped with the eco-friendly LED's

Money saving LED lighting makes everybody happy!

Owners & property managers get monthly lighting bills cut in half

Maintenance work on ballasts and bulbs is dropped by 80% or more

Underground parking customers, drivers and pedestrians benefit from:

minimized glare
heightened visibility
improved quality of light
safer maneuvering for driver
instant restart after power failure
no  flickering and no humming noise
adjustable  intensity and direction of light
optimal contrast, distribution, reflection values
earlier detection of oncoming traffic for pedestrians
better visibility for drivers entering or leaving the parking
overall comfort, visibility, brightness, quality & direction of light

The efficient, modern, clean & green lighting technology makes
underground & covered parking more comfortable and user friendly

To save money, to benefit customers & to reduce your footprint on the environment

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