Building LED Lighting Retrofit in Toronto

Building LED Lighting Retrofit Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Money saving, eco friendly, reliable, safe and durable
LED lighting technology for buildings and properties in Toronto

Project objectives:

The main objective of the retrofit is to cut lighting
bills and cost of lighting maintenance by 50% or more

and to maintain or improve:

lighting quality
safety & security
light levels of space
appearance of objects
customers' convenience
aesthetics and functionality
color quality & beam spread
overall owner & staff approval

reduce or eliminate:

The project should also be:
cost-effective, energy-efficient
with a payback period of 2 years or less
beneficial both to humans & the environment

How it is done:
Retrofit LED lamps for each particular building are chosen depending of the desired color quality, light output & distribution, beam shape and appearance

Together with the customer we pick suitable LEDs based on the emitted light color (like cool white or warm white), brightness at the source, brightness at destination and the size of illuminated area

We can work anytime, 24 hours, day or night, whenever it is more convenient for you

Customers, visitors, owners, employees, maintenance staff, lighting designers, architects, engineers and local Hydro Utilities have approved and praised the results of all completed projects!