Cooler LED lighting retrofit in Toronto. Industrial freezer LED installation

Hire a trusted professional LED electrical contractor in Toronto

Drive-in freezer LED lighting upgrade
Low temperature room & facility LEDs
Food storage room & supermarket cooler
Industrial chiller LED lighting & installation
Commercial low temperature storage LEDs
LED for refrigeration warehouses in Toronto
Medical cooler LED light and pharmaceutical
Walk-in cooler LED lighting retrofit in Toronto
Ultra low temperature laboratory LED upgrade
Improves visibility
Stable color & light quality
Cuts energy cost by up to 50%
Instant start with full lighting output
Low heat emission cuts compressor load
50,000 hr LED lasts 11 years if used 12 hrs/day
Overall cost associated with lighting  drops  by 70%
Eliminates or drastically reduces the cost of maintenance

Our LEDs qualify for OPA grants and incentives covering up to 30% of the cost of replacing old lighting

Cooler & freezer operators love our products, workmanship, the improved quality of light, but most of all the huge energy and monetary savings

LED lighting performs more efficiently at lower temperatures, using up to 50 percent less energy while emitting less heat

Implementation of innovative LED lighting technology significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in immediate savings

In addition to direct energy reduction, LEDs generate less heat resulting in lower overall cooling loads, reducing compressor run time and lowering the cost of maintenance

The increased reliability and long life of LED lights reduces maintenance costs of subsequent replacements